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Integral Digital Thermostat and programming system


This is the standard built in control mounted in the radiator end panel. 


It has a room air temperature sensor below the radiator sensing the coldest air in the room.


The thermostat is capable of maintaining a room temperature setting within +/- 0.2 deg C.


This control includes a 7 day 24 hour programming system allowing the user to preset the required temperatures and heating timing for the whole week.


Each radiator and each room can be set to different temperatures and times if required.

Optionally can be controlled by App from any Android or Apple device by purchasing the WiFi gateway.



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This is the WiFi gateway. One of these is needed for each system that is to be controlled by smartphone or tablet app. It comes with a 3 pin plug for power connection and an ethernet cable to connect into the internet router

The app is available from google play and Apple app store. From the app you can control temperature and programming from anywhere in the world

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Energy Saving

Open window sensing - Reacts to an open window by turning off the power to the element until the window is closed

Adaptive start - Learns the optimum start time to reach the desired temperature in the room at the time required

Thermostat accuracy - Never produces too much heat to ensure comfort and minimal energy use